Undergraduate Program

The Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Wake Forest University provides students with the opportunity to undertake a multidisciplinary study of the history, geography, economics and politics of Latin America and the Caribbean, and of the Latino population in the U.S.

Minor Program in LALS

The Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies consists of a total of 15 hours:

  • 3 of these (but no more) may also count toward the student’s major.  
  • Courses applied toward other minors may also be applied toward the Latin-American and Latino Studies minor.  
  • Candidates for the minor are required to take LAS 210. This is taught once a year. Minor should plan accordingly.
  • In addition, candidates take 12 hours of coursework related to Latin America or to Latinos in the U.S.  
  • No more than 6 of these 12 hours may be in a single discipline.
  • Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese either by completing at least one Spanish or Portuguese course at the 200 level or by undergoing an oral proficiency interview with a member of the faculty of the Department of Romance Languages.

Declaring the Minor

To declare the Latin American and Latino Studies Minor, you need to complete the online Add/Drop: Major, Minor, and Concentration form which can be found in Virtual Campus (WIN). For instructions, please visit the Registrar’s website.

Courses Offered

All students that wish to declare the minor must take LAS 210

  • Anthropology

    ANT 301: Free Trade, Fair Trade: Independent Entrepreneurs in the Global Market
    ANT 327: Global Justice and Human Rights in Latin America
    ANT 342: Development Wars: Applying Anthropology
    ANT 360: Anthropology of Global Health
    ANT 383 & 384: Field program in Cultural Anthropology and Field Program in Cultural Anthropology
    ANT 385 & 386: Special Problems Seminar and Special Problems Seminar*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Biology

    BIO 349:  Tropical Biodiversity

  • Economics

    ECN 251: International Trade
    ECN 252: 
    International Finance*
    ECN 258: 
    Economic Growth and Development

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • English

    ENG 357: Studies in Chicano/a Literature

  • History

    HST 104: World Civilizations since 1500*
    HST 108: 
    Americas and the World
    HST 275: 
    Modern Latin America
    HST 284: 
    Latin America’s Colonial Past
    HST 311: 
    Special Topics in History*
    HST 359: 
    Prostitutes, Machos, and Travestis: Sex & Gender in Latin American History
    HST 374: 
    Protest and Rebellion in Latin America
    HST 390:
     Research Seminar*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Humanities

    HMN 183: Contemporary Argentine Experience
    HMN 186: Contemporary Chilean Experience
    HMN 214: 
    European Drama
    HMN 223: African and Caribbean Literature

  • Latin American & Latino Studies

    LAS 210: Introduction to Latin-American and Latino Studies. LAS 220: Afro-Cuban Cultural Expression LAS 281: Contemporary Chile in Latin American Perspective LAS 310: Special Topics in Latin American and Latino Studies LAS 380: Latin American and Latino Studies Honors Colloquium LAS 388: Internship in Latin American and Latino Studies LAS 398: Individual Study

  • Music

    MUS 210:  Survey of Latin American Music

  • Politics and International Affairs

    POL 210: Latino/a Political Behavior
    POL 224: Racial and Ethnic Politics
    POL 236: Politics of Human Rights
    POL 240: 
    Politics of Human Rights
    POL 242: 
    Topics in Comparative Politics*
    POL 257: 
    Politics of International Development
    POL 300: 
    Senior Seminar in Political Science*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Portuguese

    PTG 111 & 112: Elementary Portuguese & Elementary Portuguese**
    PTG 113: Intensive Elementary Portuguese
    PTG 154: Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese
    PTG 212: Exploring the Lusophone World

    **Students must complete both PTG 111 & PTG 112 to receive 3 hours towards the minor

  • Department for the Study of Religion

    REL 130B: Introduction to Latin American Christian Traditions
    REL 390: Special Topics in Religion*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Sociology

    SOC 356: Sociology of Immigration
    SOC 359: Race and Ethnic Relations
    SOC 386: Special Topics Seminar in Culture and Social Movements*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Spanish

    SPA 309: Grammar and Composition
    SPA 309L: Grammar and Composition for Heritage Speakers of Spanish
    SPA 310: Anecdotes, Bestsellers, Cuentos. The ABCs of Storytelling in the Spanish-Speaking World
    SPA 311: Bard, Ballad, Bolero. Poetry, and Song in the Spanish-Speaking World
    SPA 312: Page, Stage, and Performance. Theater and Drama of the Spanish-Speaking World
    SPA 313:
     Lights, Camera, ¡Acción!. Cinema and Culture in the Spanish-Speaking World
    SPA 316: Paradise in Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Wider Caribbean
    SPA 317:
     Distant Neighbors: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Mexico and Central America
    SPA 318: The Andes to Patagonia: Interdisciplinary Approaches to South American Culture
    SPA 319:
     Literary and Cultural Studies of Spanish America
    SPA 322: Spanish pronunciation and Dialect Variation
    SPA 325: Spanish for Business I
    SPA 326: International Business: Spain/Latin America
    SPA 327: Spanish for Business II
    SPA 329: Intermediate Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies*
    SPA 341: European-American Encounters, 1492 to the Present
    SPA 342: From Colonial to Postcolonial Voices
    SPA 343: Travel Literature
    SPA 344: The 18th- and 19th-century Periodical Press in Spain and Spanish America
    SPA 345: The Transatlantic Civil War
    SPA 346: Transatlantic Transitions: Postdictatorship in Spain and the Southern Cone
    SPA 347: Contemporary Theater in Spain and Spanish America
    SPA 348: Contemporary Women Novelists and their Female Characters*
    SPA 349: Great Authors and Directors*
    SPA 350: Film Adaptations of Literary Works*
    SPA 351: Cinema and Society*
    SPA 355: Romantic Nationalism, Avant-garde Nihilism, and the Deconstruction of Utopia
    SPA 356: Transgressing Borders: Identity in Latin-American and U.S. Latino Cultures
    SPA 357: Spanish American Short Story
    SPA 358: Spanish-American Novel
    SPA 359: Spanish-American Theater: From Page to Stage
    SPA 360: Contemporary Theatre
    SPA 361: 
    Fictions of Mexican Revolution
    SPA 363: Cultural and Social Entrepreneurship: Promotion of Latin American and Latino Societies
    SPA 366: Advanced Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies*
    SPA 367: Cuban Literature (offered in Havana)
    SPA 368: Afro Cuban Cultural Expression (offered in Havana)
    SPA 369: Special Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies*
    SPA 379: Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics*
    SPA 387: Cultural Industries and Institutions in Spain and Spanish America
    SPA 388: Global Negotiation and Conflict-Management Skills in a Spanish-Speaking Setting
    SPA 390: International Business: Spain and Latin America
    SPA 397: Spanish Independent Study*
    SPA 398: Honors Directed Reading and Research*
    SPA 399: Honors Directed Writing*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies

  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

    WGS 322: Feminist, Womanist, Murjerista Theologies: Constructive Perspectives on Christian Thought
    WGS 377: Special Topics*

    *If related to Latin American & Latino Studies