Inequity and College Access – February 24

Inequity and College Access

This event will be a lively Q&A with 4 panelists who are experts on college access, mentoring, and opportunities for success among minoritized students.  The panelists include Shannon Brady (Department of Psychology), Nate French (Magnolia Scholars Program Director, WFU), Laura Gonzalez (Outside Speaker, Department of Counseling and Education, UNCG), and Omari Simmons (WFU School of Law).

February 24 from 4:30-5:30pm
Registration is Required 

The legacy of racism permeates through current-day educational disparities.  To move forward from such sociohistorical oppression, it is crucial to acknowledge, understand, and actively combat ongoing barriers to college access and post-secondary inequities among minoritized students.  Mentoring, support, and access to resources are critical assets to build within institutions in order to maximize students’ success and achievement.  The four presenters in this event are collective experts on sources of academic disparities, barriers and facilitators to education, effective mentorship, and theoretical and practical ways to best promote the educational experiences of students who are minoritized.  Attendees of the event will gain knowledge on the nuances of this critical topic and hopefully learn ways to strengthen diversity and inclusivity in the college-going educational context.